Friday, July 8, 2022

Harrison's Twelfth Birthday


This kid. He's held the nicknames Wild Card and Whirlwind well for the last twelve years. This year I'm adding another one: extra (read more in this year's birthday letter). Everything he does is just a little bit extra, including his birthday. For the first time in a LONG time, he let me make his birthday cupcakes. But they couldn't be just any ordinary cupcakes. No, no. They had to have surprise candy in the middle, frosted, with candy on top, plus extra candy to have on the tray.

His requests for the day were sprinklers, to play on the computer (they've been obsessed with Roblox), and to play with neighbor friends in the evening. Thankfully I was with him during the day or I wouldn't have gotten to see him because once his dinner was down, he was off with friends. Again. After being with friends the entire day. We have definitely hit the pre-teen years in this house.

He wanted a variety of candy cupcakes: Nerds, M & M's, Twix, and Skittles. When it was time to blow out candles, he told everyone to sit quietly and let him think of a good wish. Every child around him did exactly as he said, while I rolled my eyes.

Playing basketball, a "real life version of Among Us," and running through the sprinkler.

Gifts from grandparents and his last pictures as an eleven year old.