Sunday, July 17, 2022

Max's Number Fourteen


While the other two minis had specific asks for their days, the oldest kept it simple for me. He had a friend spend the night, built Legos, had a burger bar for his birthday dinner, and requested the Birthday Box from  Molly's cupcakes. All of that was easily granted and loved. 

It's tradition around here to do a night before the birthday pictures. The oldest was having none of it at first, so I snapped a few while he laid in bed. After twenty minutes he came out of his room, sat on the couch, and told me to snap a few good pictures instead of the ones in bed. I'm partial to both because they're a testament to his personality.

A little action for the day: there was an injured bunny in the backyard. Two boys had to safely remove it but not before the kids made a spectacle about it and the dog put it in his mouth, promptly dropping it at a child's feet when I shrieked. The birthday boy was oblivious to it all because he was inside building his Legos.

Birthday lunch: quesadillas, rice with black beans, corn, chips and salsa. The cupcakes were delivered just in time for dessert after lunch! The oldest loves Molly's Cupcakes, especially the birthday box.

We are so lucky to have grandparents close by because they each dropped by with birthday gifts. Our schedule was packed for June birthdays, but their grandparents made the visits happen with each kid.