Monday, June 20, 2022

To Harrison On Your Twelfth Birthday


Beaches, mountains, cities, farms, no matter where it is you love it!

My dear Harrison,

TWELVE!!! You (and I) made it! There were many days in those early years I doubted we'd make it this far, but here we are. You're so very YOU. I had your friends think of one word that best describes you and this is what they came up with:

  • K Pop
  • Dance
  • Basketball
  • Socialable
  • Happy
  • Black Pink
  • Hair
  • Funny
  • Nice
  • Baking

My word for you is extra. You're extra is every way: extra creative, extra happy, extra loving, extra challenging, extra funny. Even your cupcakes you made for yourself for your birthday are extra. Instead of just cupcakes, you filled each one with candy and filled the serving tray with candy to eat after the cupcakes. On your birthday you'll be extra sweet.

I am beyond proud of you for always being you. You never falter, although you are easily talked into things, but you're also never afraid to give anything a try. You conquered the first year of middle school successfully being homeschooled (yet again). You happily traveled with us for the school year and added to your own bucket list of places to go. In truth, I always hold my breath when you say, "mom, can we go ________?" because it's often times bigger and crazier than what I can keep up with. Make no mistake, you are the reason we ended up in NOLA Mardi Gras weekend!

Your loves for this year includes basketball, K pop, tea, coffee, Asian food, learning French, and Harry Potter. You're an excellent Dog Dad, minus that one incident when Zeus almost chewed your Harry Potter wand and you tried to choke him. We'll just ignore that little slip and focus on the fact that you're our official "poop picker upper" and dog feeder.

This year you'll truly begin your middle school experience by heading back to the school building. You declared that you were done with dance, although you kept at it this year and didn't speak once about quitting, and instead are looking up all of the clubs you can join. I can only hope you meet your people, those who share the same amazing energy for life that you possess. 

I love that energy sooo much! I can't imagine my life with it and I'm not really sure how I went twenty-six years without it. Thank you for making each and every day unpredictable, fun, and memorable and for sharing your lovable self with us! We love you always and forever!



Never forget when you talked me into going to Mardi Gras....and you got the the King Cake baby yet again!

One of your many, many baking concoctions: a Thin Mint cake.

Getting as close to the massive waterfall as possible.