Sunday, May 15, 2022

Hiking, Zoo, Out and Enjoying Life

 I should really just call this a photo dump because that's what it is. April was a month that flew by and before I knew it we were on our spring vacation (read about that here). So, in this photo dump we have a quick trip to Burr Oak and Decorah, Iowa. We visited our first Laura Ingalls Wilder site (because it was close-ish to home) and hiked with family in Decorah. We found a waterfall trail along the river and then went to our favorite Ice Caves and Dunnings Springs. On the road, the minis did their Universal Yums box for Social Studies. They spent over an hour eating snacks from Israel and learning about the country.

A lunch from Shawarma City. We love the Arabic shawarma and falafel.

The minis had a spring science fair for homeschool. The oldest tested local water sources, so we spent an entire day going around to rivers and creeks in Central Iowa. We took time out to visit a dog park and celebrated Zeus' second birthday. We even took pup cakes to his puppy cousins (because their birthdays are around the same time as Zeus', April 24th).

When you make the brownies, you take the piece you want. The middle of cakes, brownies, cookies, etc. will always be my favorite. 

Matt and I checked out an adult prom at a local bar one Saturday night. It was a fun excuse to dress up and take ridiculous pictures at the photo booth.

We checked out Wild Lights at the Blank Park Zoo. Yes, the light displays were spectacular, but our favorite was the fog bubble machine! It even had me jumping for the bubbles.

Sometimes I get bored packing and dress the dog up. I did finish packing we were walking out the door. Not one of my most organized trips to date.