Saturday, May 28, 2022

A Mom, Dad, Three Kids, And A Dog Do Life


Life as a family of five is crazy, especially this time of year. Everyone needs to be in a different spot at the same exact time. Not to mention finishing up our last few days of homeschool, along with the usual daycare shenanigans. It has been three years since our spring was this busy. I can't decide if it's refreshing to have a normal spring or if it's exhausting. I'm sure I'll have different thoughts by the end of June, also known as our busiest month of the entire year.

But back to this month that we're still in. We began the month of May in Michigan (read about that here) and arrived home in time for a 50th Anniversary party for Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer. We started the weekend at the movie theater to see Doctor Strange 2 with Uncle Andy. We spent a Saturday at the park shelter we rented, playing with cousins, and celebrating Grandma and Grandpa. 

Mother's Day was different this year too. Since the kids had their cousins in town, I knew they wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. So, I went off to a brunch at my grandpa's in honor of my Grandma Ann while the minis got to go painting at Glazed Expressions. I told the minis I'll collect on my breakfast in bed and adventuring next year.

Harrison made Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer an anniversary cake!

The water table is back in use thanks to some 90 degree days and the three minis who took an evening to scrub it clean. The kids got to do a "car wash" one day and a "baby wash" the next, along with sidewalk chalk and little pools. 

Dandelion play dough is always a favorite in the spring. The kids enjoy "nature stuff" (sticks, bark, grasses, dandelions, leaves, etc.) to make things with the dough. I always enjoy seeing the creativity.

Our weeknights are busy, so we took advantage of our one free night and went to a nearby lake for some swimming. It was nothing short of adventurous. One kid cut his hand on the dog's leash within the first five minutes, the dog "ate" at the waves which made him choke, which then made him vomit in the water. I had to apologize to those around us for the floating dog food in the water courtesy of the puking dog. So the dog and I sat on the beach since he couldn't stop "eating" the waves and choking, thus the dog sat and whined nonstop while the minis went swimming and I, once again, thought to myself, "WTF?"

This absolutely had me laughing. One day, a kid put his pants on and insisted they weren't backwards and spent the next forty-five minutes trying to button them. We eventually got the shorts switched around without any tears, but I have had my share of giggles from the toddlers dressing themselves the last few weeks. We've had inside out pull ups and underwear, backwards shirts and shorts, socks worn as gloves, and my favorite, a tank top worn as a scarf. They get many points for creativity.

The oldest is truly a teenager. Many days he sleeps until late morning and he's taken naps back up in the afternoon. It also helps that he's been doing a lot of yard work for us, so he's earned those naps.

We finally got our new couch! We had quite the debacle buying a new couch. The one we wanted in the beginning couldn't be delivered for 24 weeks. I laughed in the salesman's face because I needed it by June 1st. Luckily, my husband suggested trying a different furniture store. We quickly found a sectional we loved and it was delivered within 7 weeks.

Spoiled by my kids in the kitchen: homemade mac and cheese and fresh salad. My contribution was a homemade chocolate cake for a friend's birthday.

The new couch has been the place to do schoolwork and have sleepovers. I had hopes that this couch would last us several years, but with all the uses it's seen, I'm not sure that will be possible!

The boys planted their garden while the girl sat and told them where to plant each vegetable. Girl not pictured because she then went inside to tell the littles what to do. She should be ready to run a company by the time she hits her teens.

I finally got to see Hamilton! Yes, it was as amazing as everyone says. Yes, my children are upset I didn't take them. No, they won't see it this time around.

We're very big on hugs. When someone walks through the door, arriving at daycare, hugs are given out before they start playing.

For the first time since we got the dog I let the kids play with water beads. The whole reason I haven't done them is because the dog has a habit of helping himself to the kid's sensory activities and water beads should definitely never be eaten. Ironically, he didn't give a second glance to the water beads and the kids played peacefully with them.

We did more than half of the Saylorville Lakeshore Trail (finally). It was a cool, breezy, sunny day, making it perfect for hiking and exploring. The middle mini picked up two ticks in his hair, but somehow he was the only one.

Fun story. Harrison (middle mini) asked me to get rose bushes. I instantly scoffed and told him no way, as I'm not a huge fan of roses and I really don't want to be in charge of keeping something else alive (true story). My aunt texted the very next day that they had rose bushes they were getting rid of and asked if we wanted them. I took that as a sign, agreed to the bushes as long as they weren't my responsibility. Now, the middle one is the proud owner of five rose bushes that he reads to every afternoon to help them grow. Aside from reading to his roses, I've been impressed by him digging (literally) into the gardening world and reading all he needs to know about roses. We're getting ready to clear out an entire full of weeds flower bed so he can plant perennials of his choice. 

One thing I love about kids, they're always pushing me to learn and do more even if I don't want to.