Friday, November 13, 2020

Fall Break Part 2


The second part of fall break featured a lazy day of spooky movies, snow, a day trip to an axe murder house, hikes, and a flat tire on the new vehicle. As usual, memorable, fun, and somewhat exhausting.

After a longer than planned day trip to Decorah, we used Sunday to rest, watch scary movies, ordered food for delivery all day long (donuts and pizzas for the win!), and relaxed all day long. I had planned to go on a short(er) day trip with the minis that following day, but for some reason, I had the nagging feeling to stay home. So we did. The minis wound up doing school work and I took some me time.....and then we got a blizzard warning! Our would-be road trip day, turned into a snow day!

A walk through the 'hood after the snow. I love these trees when they have just a bit of snow on them (not too much though!).

You know how you mature when you become a parent? Well, sometimes you don't. I instantly lost it when my youngest popped her head into the giant pumpkin (looking for a piece of Halloween candy) and pretended she was puking. Ahhhh, she's ready for college (sarcasm, for the record).

The following day, we spent time in southwest Iowa. It was foggy, drizzly, and chilly, but it was one of our best days! First, we visited the Villisca Axe Murder House (in Villisca, Iowa). We had the dog with us, so we didn't have plans to go inside the house, but I had hoped we could get pictures by the signs. As it turns out, the minis wouldn't even leave the car or go near the house! This had been on the 'Halloween Bucket List' for a couple of years. It looks like we'll have to wait a couple more to brave the sign! Who knows if we'll even make it in for a tour!

Just as with any other homeschool trip, there's school work in the car! It makes for quiet, peaceful rides for me.

Since we didn't spend long at the murder house, we went on our way to Viking Lake State Park. We had the entire State Park to oursevles! I love visiting places on random Tuesday's because there are so few people around. Since it was drizzling, we ate our picnic lunch in the car before we hiked around the lake. The highlight of this stop was Zeus barking at one of the swimming poles at the beach. Every hair on his back stood up and he let out the deepest bark he could, all while trying to keep the kids and myself from walking closer to that big scary pole!

We weren't ready to come home after the State Park adventure, so we chose to explore Cold Springs Park. We went up to the campground area, walked a trail to the lake, played on the equipment, and enjoyed the gorgeous fall foliage. 

Zeus only liked the merry-go-round when he was on it too! Otherwise, he barked at it and tried to get the kids off!

Things you don't want to hear: "oh my god Mom! Come quick!" Things you want to hear: "Look Mom! This is about the mormon trail that we learned about!"

Puppy also doesn't like to miss out on things, like swinging.

Pit stop at the Hitchcock House (it was not open due to Covid). I believe the kids thought it was an Alfred Hitchcock house, but they learned otherwise!

Also during Fall Break, Zeus decided he likes to fall asleep with Max at night before heading into his kennel (which is still right next to Max's bed). Our grand adventure for the last day of break was finishing The Miracle Worker, watching the movie, and getting a flat tire on the way to pick up groceries. I didn't realize it was nearly all the way flat until I arrived at the pick up, so the car stayed there until we could get the tire changed. Thankfully, I purchased a tire warranty with our Highlander, so we got new tires and a needed oil change. Not exactly what I had in mind for a day off, but it is what it is.