Monday, October 5, 2020

Our Thousandth Weekend Social Distancing

 Oh, has it NOT been one thousand weekends since Covid crippled the US? Because it seems like it. We're still doing our best to social distance. Nearly everything we do is outdoors and I met with friends on patios only a  handful of times. I have no clue what we'll do this winter, but we're enjoying our time out of the house as much as possible right now.

On this weekend, the minis and I spent our Friday at Geode State Park, the oldest had a sleepover with two of his friends, we hiked at Voas Nature Area, I drank amazing beers at Lua Brewing, and we made a melted crayon pumpkin on our Slow Down Sunday. 

We enjoyed a warm, gorgeous 2 mile walk through the prairie at Voas.

Water break.

From Elizabeth's point of view.

I spent a few hours late in the afternoon with friends on an open and socially distanced patio. We had planned on going to Rita's Cantina for queso and margarita flights, but after arriving, we witnessed staff not wearing masks and zero social distancing taking place on their overly crowded patios. We determined that was not the scene for us and headed to Lua Brewing. I had never been to this place before, but you can bet I'll be back! They have amazing pandemic protocols in place, amazing food, and fantastic beer options. This one tasted like orange juice, while my third beer was a unique coconut and pumpkin spice beer!

Our ice packs are MIA, so a bag of corn did the trick. Running into doors while opening them can be rough.

Our Sunday morning pancake maker. He's an expert these days.

I use Sunday's as prep days for the week ahead. Elizabeth joined me in my office/homeschool room and jabbered away. I usually do this with my music playing, a cup of coffee (or sometimes something a bit stronger), and quietness. On this day, I listened to so many stories and thoughts from the eight year old.

I've been looking for our "theme" for fall. One fall, we did a Tour of Pumpkin Patches. Another one was hiking. This one will be pumpkin carving/decorating. We started it off with a melted crayon pumpkin. I decided not to use a blow dryer and instead we melted crayons in the microwave and poured it on the pumpkin. It worked great!



Coloring with leftover melted crayons.