Monday, March 18, 2019

Sammy and Michael The Leprechauns Take Chicago

If you're an avid blog reader, you may remember our beloved leprechauns Sammy and Michael, who came to life one St. Patrick's Day as an activity that quickly became a special daycare thing. Who would have guessed that these random Dollar Tree purchases would be the highlight of spring breaks for years??? Anyways, last spring break we went to Florida for 14 days and Sammy and Michael were left at home. There was devastation from the minis and their disappointment has been talked about for the last year. 

This year when we decided to spend St. Patty's Day in Chicago, I made sure to grab those damn leprechauns so they could join us....but if you're my minis, Sammy and Michael surprised us in Chicago! We made sure to take them along on most of our adventures, but they spent Saturday night and evening napping in my purse instead of enjoying the activities (mostly because I didn't want them to be dropped and shattered on the busy Chicago sidewalks).

While Hubs and I were packing up the minivan to leave, the minis went to grab Sammy and Michael out of their sensory bin and noticed they were already missing! Those tricky little leprechauns were already on their way to Chicago. I heard a rumor they were buried in a green hat somewhere among luggage but out of site from little eyes.

When the minis went to sleep, those little stinkers (because we don't call them shits in front of the kids) came to life and got into mischief in the hotel bathroom! By morning they were ready to watch the river dying, eat donuts, and go to Shedd Aquarium with us.

They helped themselves to chips and guacamole and salads for lunch. Good thing they made it out for lunch because they forgot to make an appearance for Chicago style pizza for dinner at Pizano's.

The aquatic show was a favorite.

The last thing Sammy and Michael saw of Chicago was Cloud Gate (also known as The Bean). They then went into my purse for a good nap (quite honestly, it was at this point that we met up with friends and I completely forgot about them, especially as I kept shoving things on top of then in my purse). They did come back out to get into trouble overnight and hide a pot of gold, which the minis promptly found Sunday morning.

We're lucky enough to have awesome friends who indulged in our Sammy and Michael fun. However, our leprechauns didn't stick around for green eggs and ham (and toast and bacon) and got packed into a suitcase so they wouldn't be forgotten.

Sammy and Michael are now tucked back in their sensory bin in storage (in the basement). The minis claim they're getting ready for next year.....when they'll get into even more trouble.