Friday, March 8, 2019

Birthday 35

One of my favorite, most ridiculous pictures from NOLA. This picture proves how much fun I had on Bourbon St.

I had THE BEST 35th birthday! Well, more like birthday month. By the time my actual birthday rolled around, I was happy with a low key day that didn't involve much because I had spent the month of February seeing friends, doing my favorite things, and, of course, traveling. I decided 35 was a pretty big deal and treated myself to a trip that's been on my bucket list.

New Orleans was amazing and rejuvenating for me so I could make it through our rough winter here in Iowa. You can read about our road trip adventures here, here, and here.

Aside from my getaway, I spent the week beforehand celebrating a day that was made for me: National Margarita Day and celebrating with family.

Strawberry margaritas and veggie quesadillas for days.

It wouldn't be a birthday celebration without one sibling argument...

The best cupcakes in all the lands. Scratch Cupcakery is my favorite! Elizabeth clearly agrees.

The boys wore their new shirts from our trip: a Sun Studio tee for Max and a New Orleans Police Department tee for Harrison. The NOPD had vending machines of shirts inside the police station. Hubs and I knew instantly THIS was the shirt for the middle mini. We laughed as we agreed that if any of our kids were to come to NOLA, Harrison would be the one to get to know the police officers because, well, trouble goes where Harrison goes.

My actual birthday was celebrated with donuts, surprise pastries and coffees from my dad, and one of my favorite pizzas for dinner.

My new tee courtesy of my sister. I'm not sure if I love it for the Friends reference or the fact that I live off coffee, but either way, it's my new favorite.

And just because it was my birthday didn't mean I was off duty. I kissed numerous ouchies (even on legs), wiped noses, changed diapers, and wiped bottoms. But there were chocolate cupcakes involved in afternoon snack so everyone was really happy.

A sight I didn't need to see on my birthday: dirty feet standing on my counters. A sight I was happy to see: my minis packing their own lunches for school without being told to do so.

My favorite part of the evening/day was being surprised by the middle mini with a gift. He grabbed fake flowers from our spring sensory bin and random odds and ends from around the house. He completed it with little love notes and pictures folded up into the gifts. There's nothing sweeter than this boy's thoughtfulness.

I couldn't have asked for a better end to 34 and a better beginning to 35. I can't wait to see what year 35 holds for me and what I can make happen with my year. Some people dread getting older. I, on the other hand, enjoy the wisdom and calmness each year brings me. Each year, the years seem to get shorter, but each year seems to bring new and bigger adventures (much to my own doing).