Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Mom and Minis Weekend

It had been a while since the minis and I had time just the four of us. With Hub's new work schedule, he's with us quite a bit more than in the past. This is great for family time and time as a couple, but this particular weekend took me back to the days of odd work schedules, toddlers, and me being the main caregiver. 

Hubs was sick all weekend and that left me to provide the entertainment. It was such a fun weekend for the four of us, but it did leave me exhausted!

Friday night was spent at the mini's school for it's Centennial Celebration. We had a blast seeing families, teachers, and friends. Friday's are usually low key for us since we're all exhausted by the end of the work/school week. We pretty much came right home from our outing and went straight to bed.

Saturday morning required some shuffling around. The middle mini had his acting class, the other two minis didn't care to come with me, and I had a handful of important emails and calls to return. Luckily, it all worked out. Not only did I get all of my important things taken care of, I got to enjoy my coffee and muffin in the quiet lobby of the Playhouse. 

Since acting class is only an hour and fifteen minutes, I left the other two minis at home by themselves, leaving the ten year old in charge. We have done this a few times over the last few months and so far so good. I love doing drop-in calls on our Echo Dots to hear what the minis are up to!

The minis chilled on the couch while I got ready for the day. From there we ran a few errands, went to the RV Show again (the same one as the previous weekend), followed by some MUCH needed time outdoors. It was slightly drizzly and foggy, but the temps were warmer than 40 degrees so we took advantage. The minis and I took a long walk around Gray's Lake. It was wonderful!

Read about our adventure here. We followed up our afternoon of exercise with dinner at Olive Garden. Saturday was an excellent day! It made me realize how much I've missed our special Mom and Minis Days.

Sunday we celebrated my mom's (aka Grandma) birthday AND survived a trip to Walmart! That alone wins me all the points in the world.

Harrison made Grandma his own gift. In a little heart box (that he picked out the previous day at Target) he put a few of his toys, homemade glow in the dark slime, and odds and ends he found around the house. I lost it when I discovered he wrapped up a piece of his slime in tissue paper! Kids crack me up.

Our celebratory "we made it through Walmart" picture! So, Walmart was crazy busy, the kids wanted to push the cart, they managed to knock over not one but TWO displays (one of Cheerios, the other of Ramen noodles that the middle mini then pouted about because we didn't have any in our cart to buy), and I had to work on my breathing techniques to make it through without yelling at them.

But they made up for that "awesome" trip by helping me clean the house Sunday evening. I can't really complain about anything after having my floors vacuumed, dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, and laundry switched out. I dig this kids getting older business.