Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Saturday Out of the House

Time is precious. As I age I realize how very little of it we have. Add in busy schedules and commitments and much of our time is taken up. We have numerous home improvement projects in the works, but I wanted at least one day to play on this weekend. Of course we had to start the weekend with Harrison's Saturday morning acting class. From there, we caught a late breakfast/brunch at The Drake Diner, saw a special preview of The Lego Movie 2, watched the kids jump through obstacle courses at Hop A Lot in Merle Hay Mall, went to an RV show (the mini's idea, not mine!), and played with their new Lego's (because how can you see a Lego movie without getting new Lego's?).

Sunday was our day to finish a big basement project. We've had the idea to finish part of our basement since we moved in two years ago, but we got serious about it this winter. Hubs built new shelving for me to organize all of the toys (however, it turns out I have collected  A LOT of toys over the last 8 years and more shelves are needed). We cleaned up a good portion of the basement, put in a pantry, and getting the rest of the basement ready for the next big step: new flooring. It's so exciting to see these projects come together!

Our Friday nights are rocking these days. Elizabeth's new "thing" is to watch dancing videos and copy their dance moves. Then she proceeds to make up dance routines. I have to admit, I'm kind of in awe of her (plus it makes me laugh so I can't stop watching).

It was a busy morning at The Drake Diner, so we snuck in pictures.

Max ordered an adult portion of french toast. That's four whole pieces that he ate completely. He followed this platter up two hours later with popcorn at the movie theater.

The Lego Movie 2 was excellent! Even Hubs and I laughed at it.

Hop A Lot is a great place to get out "your wiggles" (as Elizabeth says), but it's definitely not a quiet place (hence the need for Ibuprofen for me).

She's got quite the attitudes lately. Her facial expressions says it all.

We couldn't see the Lego Movie 2 without coming home from the mall with new Lego sets. 

The new toy storage area is complete (although we have way more toys than this so new storage areas are currently being planned) which puts us closer to our overall finished basement project!