Friday, November 24, 2017

November Weekends

November has been a pretty busy month for us. I've had a lot of meetings, events, business dinners, and plenty of writing to do for both the blog and the Children's Museum this month. I've used my weekends to catch up on sleep, errands, and seeing friends and family. As we end November and I look back on my weekends in November, I have a lot to be thankful for.

Dinner at Ted's Coney Island and shopping for shoes at Dillard's in Jordan Creek Mall. Also bought that night: coffees, chocolates, Yankee candles, holiday house decor at Pottery Barn, and ice cream. Every shopping trip should be topped with ice cream.

A Sunday morning "fashion show." Naturally, it ended in an argument, then tears, followed by one of us telling the kids to knock it off. Nothing is every dull here.

Aunt Cindi's birthday party with family.

Sunday afternoon writing with carrots and a drink.

A girls morning with my mom and sister at a holiday boutique and a girls lunch at Maxie's. The rest of the afternoon was insanity: Hubs was called into work, I had to meet him there to get kids, we ran errands, picked Hubs back up, and got home in enough time to get ready for an evening out with friends.

Starbucks has some colorful coffee cups. I snagged the Love Is Love Is Love mug.

Leave it to me to find a sink I love in the bathroom at Exile.

I stayed out well past midnight! We enjoyed dinner and drinks at Exile Brewery and drinks at Hello Marjorie. I was exhausted the next morning, but had to be up for the Des Moines Children's Museum Pre-Party. It was a successful morning, but I took a long nap as soon as we got home!

My new necklace I got at the craft boutique. 

The minis LOVED the Children's Museum....which is good since they will be spending plenty of time there in the coming weeks!

The minis got to have a slumber party with school friends. They started the slumber party with a showing of Elf (one of their faves), followed by Nerf gun fights, pizza, Home Alone, and hide n' seek.

Kids crack me up (most of the time). I had the big table set up for them and all of the kids (who are actually too big for this kiddie table) chose to sit at the little tables in the daycare room!

All of the kids fell asleep quickly....except for Elizabeth. I had to go in to the playroom many times to tell her to be quiet. At one point I went in and she was playing with toys in her sleeping bag so no one would notice! She finally crashed.

Back at the Des Moines Children's Museum for our successful grand opening! Darth paid us a visit too. Best part of the day was coming home to a quiet house and sleeping children. I got to relax on the couch for a bit before heading to dinner.

I had some help opening our box our box of Christmas art supplies from Oriental Trading.

We've been on a new restaurant kick lately. We gave Luigi's a try last weekend and it was wonderful! They didn't have a kids menu, but were incredibly accommodating and great with the kids. We will definitely be going back....especially for their spinach ravioli in cream sauce. 

I've taken some time to sleep in on the days that I can (making up for lost sleep). When I finally made my way downstairs late morning, I was greeted by one of our skeletons (yes, I meant one of because we have several) getting ready to be reassembled on the table and what I thought was cat puke on the table was actually candies picked out of the youngest oatmeal (I know better than to ask how the candies got in the oatmeal in the first place). She thought just leaving them on the table was totally okay....she learned it wasn't after I woke up.

If it's not a kid, it's a cat.

While Hubs worked on the yard, the minis and I went to see Wonder at Flix Brewhouse. The boys especially loved the movie and all of us spent half of the movie crying, but it's a great family movie.

I can't tell you how many times I've been to this theater and have never noticed the purse hook under the trays. Game changer after our waitress pointed it out to me!

The minis loved the Bad Moms Christmas backdrop. They will not be seeing that one (any time soon, at least), but I'll be going in a couple of weeks to finally see it!

Our weekends show no signs of slowing down now that it's the holiday season. I'll keep taking sleep where I can get it and having as much fun as possible!