Thursday, November 23, 2017

Fall Favorites 2

1.) I know I've proclaimed my love for Zoya nail polish in a past post, but for fall I'm loving the Chantal and Natty colors.

2.) It's no secret I'm on the Board of Directors for the Des Moines Children's Museum and we just opened a temporary location in Valley West Mall. I wholeheartedly believe in the mission and I am still amazed by our community's support and positiveness.

3.) I made a vegan raspberry pie for Thanksgiving and it was amazing (if I do say so).

4.) Some of my favorite episodes of TV shows are Thanksgiving episodes. My must watch every year are HIMYM Blitzgiving, every Friends Thanksgiving episode, and I'm partial to New Girl's first Thanksgiving episode. A little comedy with a side of mashed potatoes before we switch it over to Christmas movies. 

5.) I can't get over how comfortable these Toms boots are, not to mention they look cute with just about everything.

6.) My new Love Is Love Is Love travel mug (found at Starbucks) has had coffee continually in it since I bought it last weekend.

7.) Living in an old house has its perks (solid woodwork for one) and some not so great things, like draftiness. At first, I was completely against space heaters (um, hello, fire starters), but we bought one for the daycare room when we first moved in and I've been hooked ever since. 

8.) We might remember our holiday jammies from last year. This year we aren't doing matching jammies, but I for sure nabbed these on a recent online shopping spree.

9.) Flannel sheets this time of year are a must. Especially if they're holiday ones!

10.) I have no feelings toward Smencils however, my minis and all of their friends are OBSESSED with them. The minis had a slumber party last weekend and it's all they talked about! I don't understand the fascination with them, but apparently, they are a must.