Friday, August 28, 2020

Ordinary Weekends

With numerous Saturday trips to State Parks and a random trip to Duluth, MN under our belts, weekends when we don't do much seem ordinary. But those weekends are impartative every so often. That's when we see friends, family, and decide on our next big (insert whatever home improvement project or next big trip here). These weekends were exactly like that.

We ate our favorite Vietnamese food for dinner. If you haven't tried Vietnam Cafe it's a must!

I have an official dishwasher helper whenever the dishwasher is loaded with dirty items. My helper is not enthusiastic about the clean plates.

Slow mornings and plenty of snacks (cereal, berries, and carrots rounded out morning snack #1).

We jumped on the quarantine bandwagon and gave tie dying a try.

I had a two hour dinner with friends. It was the first time I ate dinner in a restaurant, spent time with friends, and been away from my kids since the beginning of March. It was kind of a big deal.

I believe this was a Snookies visit.

Zeus loves to play and plays a lot. He's also really good at begging and notifying the entire family when mom has something good. Then I had to share.

We made the difficult decision to homeschool our kids to begin the school year. On a Friday afternoon. That meant I spent a weekend researching, prepping, deciding on a curriculum. It was a lot of work. I had help getting through it.

We had a few quick errands to run, so I piled kids and dog in the car, treated everyone to donuts (Zeus' was from a dog bakery) and got everything done in an hour!

This one also really loves car naps thanks to the derecho and traveling.

Zeus had his first puppacino while mom and dad got coffees from Starbucks.

Black bean and avocada tacos with fresh salsa. It's a favorite, flavorful, light dinner during the summer months.

Beginning stages of basement renovations. As of right now, we're only finishing one room to use for at home learning, but all electrical and important things have been done so we can easily finish the rest of the basement when we're ready. Eventually the room we're finishing for a school room now, will become a bedroom, so most of what we've picked out and done is just temporary (such as carpet squares, painting, and leaving the build-in cabinets in for now for school supply storage).

With pools being closed this summer, we've spent a lot of time at lakes and swimming. We ended a weekend at a lake. The kids didn't go to bed until two hours after their bedtime. We ordered a pizza after the lake because everyone was starving. It was also one of the best nights of the summer.