Saturday, November 9, 2019

Top 10 For The Past 10+

Bandelier National Monument was definitely a favorite and is definitely down for one of the most unique places I've visited.

1.) I'm not a huge Seth Meyers fan, but I found Lobby Baby hilarious.

2.) I wanted hiking boots that could be worn out and look semi-fashionable. I found these one day browsing Cabela's site. I didn't have a lot of faith in them, especially since I only paid $30 with shipping (I happened to catch them on sale one day). However, after wearing them for countless hours in New Mexico hiking, walking, running, climbing, etc. these boots are amazing. My feet didn't hurt once and they held up nicely (even took wading in the Rio Grande well).

3.) Friday nights were made for Spanish white wines. Perfect cap to the week!

4.) We listened to plenty of Garth Brooks, especially driving through Oklahoma on the way home. The oldest mini fell in love with the song American Honky Tonk Bar Association. Calling Baton Rouge is still my favorite.

5.) We had the most amazing tres leches cake in Taos and now the minis are obsessed. Harrison is attempting to make his own soon.

6.) Coming home from vacation completely throws me off, but our Google family calendar has saved me these last few days.

7.) I'll admit it, I bought a new wardrobe for New Mexico. One of my favorite pieces is my new Teddy Coat. It's like a freaking bath robe with a nice lining in it. I'll take absolute comfort any day of the week.

8.) I came home to find a $20 gift card from Oriental Trading to be used in the month of December. I know it was because I bought a ton of fall crafts earlier in September, but I easily spent that $20 on Christmas crafts for daycare.

9.) There's really no Thanksgiving movies I absolutely love (Trains, Planes, and Automobiles being the exception), but TV shows seem to have some stellar Thanksgiving episodes that I watch each November. The two that stick out are Friends 'The One Where Ross Got High' and How I Met Your Mother 'Blitzgiving.' The funniest episodes ever!

10.) The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum was closed when we were in Santa Fe, but we bought plenty of prints to make it look like we enjoyed it. I absolutely love her prints of the New Mexico landscape and bought several of them to remember our fall break trip.

11.) I can't remember which trip it was, but we happened to grab a Been There mug and now it's a thing. I made a special stop at a Starbucks in Santa Fe just to grab a New Mexico mug.