Sunday, November 24, 2019

7 Favorites From Our Week

Chocolate brownie bites with frosting and M & M's were also a favorite of mine this week from a daycare birthday party.

1.) We quickly jumped on the Disney + bandwagon thanks to a year free with our Verizon plan. There is so much content and all of our favorite movies. I don't foresee us running out of things to watch any time soon. I hit the Disney Nature documentaries first thing.

2.) Always short on time, I rely on cake mixes and frostings when I'm baking (usually). I was extremely happy to discover Duncan Hines cake mix and frostings are vegan! Here are my favorite ways to use them (courtesy of PETA).

3.) The kid's favorite book to read during the month of November is 10 Fat Turkeys. We've even made up actions and dance moves to the book to make it all the more extra.

4.) I had a lot of research to do this past week. My best research (and work in general) is done when I have multiple things happening around me. So, I threw on Home For The Holidays on Prime Video while I worked aannnddd....I wound up watching the movie and getting no work done because it had been years since I had seen the movie.

5.) We've been eating a lot of chili lately and I was ready to switch it up. I came across this recipe: Crock pot chicken and dumplings while browsing Facebook. It was pretty good for a cold night and much easier than actual chicken and dumplings.

6.) We loved Frozen 2! We couldn't pass up the opportunity to see it opening weekend (along with millions of other people). Even the eleven year old liked it, but he surely won't admit that to his friends!

7.) We snagged a deal on Amazon over the weekend on a Friends Lego set. I can't wait to see the surprised looks on the mini's faces when they open those Christmas morning.

+1 Extra:

8.) Thanksgiving prep. I was lucky to hit some awesome deals for the pies, casseroles, and cakes we'll be baking and cooking in the next few days. I'm mostly impressed with myself that I was extra prepared this year and got everything ahead of time and not the night before! Go me!