Monday, March 5, 2018

The Big Celebration Week

Last week was a BIG week. It was Read Across America week, so we did a lot of book related activities. On top of all of the books activities, we did a lot of celebrating. We had my 34th birthday, daycare's birthday (Daycare turned 7!!), 1st anniversary in our "new" house, and personally, my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Like I said, a big week! We celebrated with a of sugar, movie watching, a party, and a walk to explore the neighborhood. It really is the little things that make everything special!

Our reading corner turned Book Store (mid-week) for the week. The kids read the books, acted our the books with some of the stuffed animal characters, "shopped" for the books when it was a book store, and overall enjoyed lounging with the blankets and pillows.

My rule is that if they get it out, they clean it up and they do such a great job! I had to laugh when I saw the book shelf after clean up time. The before and after pictures look a tad different.

Building towers.

Hubs and I got "fancy" take out one night after the minis were in bed. Read more about what 10 years of marriage looks like here.

We had Dr. Seuss flash cards, stickers, and puzzles to do all week long.

There's a lot going on on this sheet of paper. Let me explain. Each day after school, the minis come home, eat a snack, and practice spelling words (sometimes the words are lists from school, other times it's my own list I comprise for them). Harrison finished his list and decided to do Max's list with him. Max is a perfectionist and was taking a long time with his words. Harrison got bored and drew a "vibrating butt" on his paper. Despite the vibrating butt, I love doing spelling words with the kids because each of the daycare kids spell the words along with the boys. It cracks me up every day.

We did some fun Dr. Seuss activities throughout the week. Here were our top three.

I wanted a picture of my flowers and mini cake (that Hubs surprised me with). This was the result.

Daycare has been open for 7 years now! The kids and I threw Daycare a birthday party with noise makers and cupcakes. The kids were slightly confused about WHO we were celebrating, but they went along with it because, well, cupcakes.

These boys would NOT sleep last week. It made for some very late nights and very early mornings and very entertaining. One evening I thought they had gone to sleep until I heard a foot hit the wall. I went in and saw they had made a fort on the bottom bunk, flashlights out, snuggling each other, and telling ghost stories.

The mini's school had a fun theme each day for Read Across America week. Friday was book character day. We had Sherlock Holmes/Nate The Great (because he couldn't decide), Pinkalicious, and Auggie from Wonder.

While the minis were at school for book character day, we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday with a gorgeous mile long walk outdoors! We only meant to walk a couple of blocks, but they asked to keep going. By the time we got back I looked down at my tracker and realized we walked a mile. Their little legs did so well!

My favorite part of the walk was when we came to a side street that didn't have sidewalks, I told the kids to walk close to the curb. Two of the kids took me literally and walked on the curb. 

I'll be taking a break from daycare for the next week and a half while we're on our spring break vacation, but when we get back it'll be time for SPRING ACTIVITIES!!