Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Play: Farmer's Market, New Shoes, Family, & a Slip n Slide

As usual, our weekend was full of fun and wearing the kids out! Saturday morning the kids and I dropped Matt off at work and headed to the downtown Farmer's Market. This was the first time this season we've been able to make it down to the crowd. We got our typical whole wheat raspberry cinnamon rolls, flavored popcorn, egg rolls, crab rangoons, and the kids took a "train ride." We found a shaded grassy area and ate our goodies while we listened to music. As much as I love going to the farmer's market, it is crazy taking three young kids! We ended our visit with a run through the skywalk (or crawl if you're Elizabeth). This is one of our favorite winter time activities when the kids are absolutely sick of staying at home. It's hardly busy on the weekends and the kids are free to run as fast as they want. Plus it's great exercise for mom and dad!

After naps, we headed to Trader Joe's and then went on a search for new shoes for miss E. Always looking for a bargain, I typically go for Target brand shoes (Circo or Cherokee) for the kid's "extra" shoes (sandals, slip on shoes, pool shoes, etc.) and splurge on a nice pair of tennis shoes (we prefer Nike's in this house). Elizabeth has such slim foot, we were not able to do that at all....and I was not about to spend $50+ on her first pair of tennis shoes that she's sure to grow out of in a matter of months. After getting her feet fitted several times, we were told she needs a size 4 toddler in length but a size 3 toddler for width. Great, thanks for the help. Luckily, we wound up at Trade Home in Jordan Creek mall, where an amazing (and cute!) salesman customized a pair of Toms for our Lily girl. The night was saved!
Tip for those parents whose child has slim, long feet: Nike's run a bit small and fit the feet great (I suggest trying Kohl's as you can typically purchase toddler Nike's for around $35 or less) and Toms can easily be customized. Looks like we'll be sticking with those brands for our already high maintenance girl until her feet grow a bit.

Of course, during this shoe hunt, the boys were less than cooperative. It was one of those times when I was ready to lose it with them! Luckily, the hubs saved my sanity with bribery ("candy anyone???"). We usually don't bribe our kids, but tonight it seemed almost necessary.

As usual, we began our Sunday bright, early, and tired. We opted for breakfast at Hy-Vee.

Naps seemed to be overrated on Sunday, so we had some Duplo fun! Matt helped the kids build a castle and organize all of the Duplos. After a bit of a rest, we headed out to my aunt and uncle's house for some family fun! Who doesn't love a good cook out and slip n' slide??!!? Best end to the weekend ever!