Wednesday, June 21, 2023

A Letter To My Middle Teenager


My sweet Harrison,

Welcome to your teens! There will be zits, mom looking at your blackheads, so many changes, and your last year of middle school. Year twelve proved to be a challenge by starting middle school in 7th grade after two years of homeschool. The school year got off to a rough start as you navigated a new school, new friends, new classes, and new challenges completely on your own. There was a time where mom was on a first name basis with the office staff (shaking my head as I recall those conversations). I am so impressed by your perseverance, positive outlook on life in general, and trying your hardest with very little direction. Thinking about myself in 7th grade, there's no way I could have done what you did and accomplished! Kudos to you. 

You are a dreamer, a believer in living life to the fullest. Your big ideas match your big personality. You think of something, decide it needs to happen, and then do it with excitement. Even if it doesn't turn out how you imagined it, you never hesitate to dive right in. In your younger years, I was often lost as to how to handle you and your big personality. As you age, I see more and more of myself in you. This makes it both difficult and easy! Mostly, I love having a kid that will sit around and daydream with me. I can always count on you to go along with any crazy ideas, even if you don't always want to. 

Drama is something you relish in. Not drama as in acting, although my goal is to get you to agree to join the school's Drama Club in the fall despite you fighting me tooth and nail, but drama as in middle school drama. The gossip is hot and you HAVE to be a part of it. You're really good at leaving me speechless when you tell me about the latest drama you've put yourself in the middle of. 

Ramen, K pop, hanging out with friends, Roblox, parties, boba, cooking, and baking continue to be your favorite things. You got your own room at the beginning of the school year and enjoy having your own space for the first time in your life. You fall asleep each night cuddling with your new kitty, Athena. Walking into the rescue and walking out with three kittens (one for each of you) is on your highlight reel. Despite a new kitten, you're now trying to talk me into a second dog. You obviously wore me down the first time, so we'll see how long it takes this time around.

You're spending one last daycare summer with your best friends. The friends you've grown up with and continue to have the strongest bonds with. You have always been one of my biggest teachers in life and continue to leave me in awe, giving me all the lessons I didn't know I needed. It's kind of your specialty. You have a way of bringing me out of my comfort zone and making me do things I never thought I'd do. For example, I'm now extremely invested in rose gardens (my least favorite flower) and butter lettuce. I love having a front row seat to your life and how you include me in it all. Our late night chats are one of my favorite parts of each day. It's a highlight to end them giggling with you, having deep conversations, answering your many questions about life, or mindlessly watching Reels.

My wish for you in life is to continue fearlessly being YOU. I might tease you for being a true Wild Card (bitches!), but you have taught me how to live life since the day you were born. Thank you for making me your mom. I love you forever and always!



Your cake creation for this year: a brownie chocolate chip cookie cake with a Family Size package of Oreos on top. Always going to the extreme in all you do!

The aforementioned rose garden that you got me to redo this spring. On Mother's Day.

We try MANY Tik Tok things these days, including the Two Bite Challenge.