Tuesday, November 13, 2018

6 Perfectly Pumpkin Dishes For Fall

The minis and I embraced pumpkin spice season. We made pumpkin play dough, we had a pumpkin patch for imaginary play at daycare, we bought many pie pumpkins and tried various pumpkin pie recipes. There's our tried and true recipes we stick to each year (pumpkin muffins, cookies, and pancakes), but in branching out this year we now have a few new favorites (hello, pumpkin chili. Drooling just thinking about it). 

Here are our our 6 favorite pumpkin recipes straight from the minis voting booth (because that's a thing in our house):

1.) Pumpkin chili
This was the unexpected dinner hit of the season. I decided to give it a go because I was growing tired of our go-to vegan dinner recipes. Obviously the recipe is for one person, so I had to figure out how to make it family size (which mostly just means me dumping things in), but it was an instant hit with the minis, which makes it an instant hit with me.

2.) Pumpkin pancakes
While we love homemade pumpkin pancakes, Trader Joe's also has a pumpkin pancake mix that is awesome!

3.) Pumpkin ravioli
Another Trader Joe's find. All I did was put butter on the top and serve. The minis loved this simple Saturday lunch and have requested it numerous times since.

4.) Pumpkin muffins
My sister-in-law turned us on to these years ago and they're still a yearly hit. I wouldn't exactly call them muffins since you're using a box of cake mix, but I grab a can of cream cheese frosting to put on top and make them into cupcakes for an after dinner treat.

5.) Baked cinnamon pumpkin slices
I wasn't too sure about this, but we all wound up really liking this one (several daycare kids as well).

6.) Pumpkin chickpea and red lentil curry 
Another one I wasn't completely on board with but was really happy we gave it a try!